New generation of KPNP’s PSS is a reality

  • 최신 업데이트일 : 2023-11-16 10:24항목구분
  • 최초 작성일 : 2023-11-16 10:17항목구분
  • 원문 뉴스 작성 언어 : 한국어

The renowned Korean brand recently launched its newest version of electronic Kyorugi protectors, the K2. With leading technology, this generation promises a more dynamic and attractive Taekwondo.

After five years of exhaustive research, the renowned brand launches the new generation of electronic Kyorugi protectors PSS, which innovates in aspects not only of materials and appearance, but even more significantly in terms of the technology they use for greater efficiency on the competition mat.

“The K2 system is the crowning achievement of advanced technology and a deep understanding of the essence of Taekwondo. Our system clears the way for a return to traditional Taekwondo styles, this is a step towards the recovery of the authentic spirit of our martial art,” said the brand’s executives.

This generation of PSS is currently being tested at the World Team Championship in Goyang, South Korea.

NEW Design: KPNP embraced a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances safety. Tailored to complement the human body and head shape, it promises an improved experience for Taekwondo practitioners.

NEW Technology: After over five years of extensive research, it’s been developed a dual-band system, ensuring unparalleled wireless network stability. The new equipment incorporates materials that are not only lighter and stronger but also adept at absorbing impact.

NEW Taekwondo: The system introduced differentiated scoring criteria for the bottom and front of the feet, moving away from the less dynamic cut or pushing kicks. It’s a step towards reviving the authentic spirit of Taekwondo.

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